Wednesday, January 7, 2009

#88 - New Wardrobe & #24 - Lose 40lbs

Alrighty...So I found some deals I just couldnt pass up! I didn't realize there were so many clearance clothes online!...uh-oh this could do more bad than good! Eeekkk...but now I've vowed not to buy anymore until I keep working at #24! 6 Down, 34 To Go! Whoop, whoop! I suppose I better take a "before" picture now before I lose anymore! Ooppps :P I also got rey two shirts and a pair of jeans. (He desperately needs new clothes...even more than me!)

Here's what I got anyhow! And they fit perfectly! (But not for long, hehe!) I'm always scared to shop online for that one reason...

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